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Biomarker testing may inform treatment for your unique cancer.
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Biomarker testing explained

  • For some cancers, comprehensive biomarker testing plays a pivotal role in informing treatment decisions. Biomarker testing looks for specific proteins, genes, and molecules that cause cancer to grow and spread in different ways.
  • Knowing your biomarkers can help your healthcare team identify the appropriate treatment plan for your unique cancer.
  • Comprehensive biomarker testing is recommended for those diagnosed with lung cancer and as well those diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.
  • When your doctor makes any new treatment decision for your cancer—at diagnosis, progression, or recurrence (for those with metastatic breast cancer)—make sure you ask if that decision is based on your comprehensive biomarker testing results.
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About No One Missed

No One Missed is a community-led campaign driven by LUNGevity Foundation in addition to support from patient advocacy and industry partners. The campaign’s mission is to build public awareness of comprehensive biomarker testing as a critical part of cancer diagnosis and empower patients to discuss comprehensive biomarker testing with their healthcare team. The No One Missed: Metastatic Breast Cancer campaign was launched in partnership with Living Beyond Breast Cancer.